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New Facing Targets Sputtering System

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In-line NFTS system for R&D use

In-line substrate type NFTS System for R&D use

The New Facing Targets Sputtering, NFTS, technology enables to deposit high quality thin films for their own applications at low temperature and low plasma damage on the substrate surface. This is because NFTS plasma source strongly confines the sputtering plasma together with recoil particles, ions, or electrons, in the space between the facing targets. As a result, the substrate surface is rarely bombarded from the sputtering plasma.

We can provided NFTS plasma sources also for wide area coating with stable sputtering plasma and high utilization of target material. Consequently, we can respond to a variety of customer needs from the basic research to the mass production. NFTS technology can solve a variety of previously existing issues many customers have faced, such as damage less deposition on to organic films, or high quality films deposition with low temperature, or magnetic thin films.

TOYAMA took over NFTS business from FTS corporation which had developed NFTS technique as of April 2018.

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