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Variable Line Spacing Plane Grating Monochromator - VLSPGM

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Delivery Records of Grating Monochromators
in VUV - Soft X-ray (1999-2016)

D - Design and Engineering, M - Manufacturing, I - Installation
S - Interlock and Control System, V - Vacuum Components, O - Optical Components

CustomerBeamlineType of MonoEnergy Range (ev)No. of GratingsStatusScope of WorkYear
MAX IV (Sweden)SoftiMAXVLSPGM275-25003in designDMIVO2016
MAX IV (Sweden)ARPESVLSPGM10-10003 + NIMin operationDMIVOOct 2016
MAX IV (Sweden)HIPPIEVLSPGM275-20003in operationDMIVO March 2016
MAX IV (Sweden)VERITASVLSPGM275-15003in operationDMIVOMarch 2016
UVSOR (Japan) BL-5VLSPGM-2in operationDMIVO2014
SPring-8 (Japan) BL-25VLSPGM-4in operationDMIV2013
KEK/PF (Japan) BL-2Variable included angle PGM30-10002in operationDMI2013
SOLEIL (France)DEIMOSVariable included angle PGM350-25002 in operation DMIV2010
ALBA (Spain)Boreas (XMCD)VLSPGM280-40003 in operation DMIO2010
KEK/PF (Japan) BL-13Variable included angle PGM30-10002in operationDMI2009
SPring-8 (Japan) BL-7Variable included angle PGM250-20003in operationDMIVO2009
SOLEIL (France) Metrology and testsVLSPGM50-18002in operationDMIV2008
New SUBARU (Japan) BL-5BVLSPGM50-13002in operationDMIVO2008
Saga (Japan) BL-10Variable included angle PGM30-12002in operationDMISVO2008
KEK/PF (Japan) BL-16Variable included angle PGM200-15002in operationDMI2007
UVSOR (Japan) BL-7AModified Wardworth Type6-403in operationDMI2006
Saga (Japan)BL-12VLSPGM40-10001(+2)in operationDM2005
Saga (Japan) BL-13VLSPGM40-8403in operationDMISVO2004
KEK/PF (Japan) BL-28Variable included angle PGM30-3002in operationDMI2004
HiSOR (Japan) BL-12Wardsworth2-201in operationDMISO2003
SPring-8 (Japan)BL17SUVLSPGM40-10864in operationDMISV2003
PAL (Korea)U-10Reverse SGM10-10006in operationDMI2002
PAL (Korea) KISTVLSPGM80-20004in operationDMI2002
HiSOR (Japan) BL-9BSGM16-3003in operationDMISO2002
UVSOR (Japan) BL-4BVLSPGM25-10003in operationDMI2002
UVSOR (Japan)BL-3AVLSPGM50-10003in operationDMI2002
NSRC (Thailand)BL-7VLSPGM20-2403in operationDMISV2001
KEK/PF (Japan)BL-7AVLSPGM1000-15003in operationDMI2000
New SUBARU (Japan)BL-7BVLSPGM50-8003in operationDMISVO2000
New SUBARU (Japan) BL-9 (ASET)VLSPGM100-12003in operationDMISV2000
HiSORBL-5 (Okayama Univ.)VLSPGM20-1503in operationDMIV1999

Updated January 2017

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