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NEH Mirrors for SLAC


TXI double KB system during installation

In January 2021 the last two of six mirrors systems for the Near Experimental Hall of the Linac Coherent Light Source completed their factory testing and were prepared for shipment. The six systems included individual mirrors and KB mirror systems.

Soft X-ray Monochromator for ALS-U

In December 2020, Toyama was awarded a contract to supply a new state-of-the-art soft x-ray monochromator to be known as MERLIN to beamline 4.0.3. The monochromator will have up to 4 gratings and will be capable of delivering sub-meV bandwidth in the 9-150 eV range. MERLIN completed factory acceptance testing in September 2021 and will be installed in early 2022.

qRIXS Spectrometer for the LCLS-II at SLAC

qRIXS 3D-image

qRIXS spectrometer during factory acceptance testing

Toyama has been awarded a contract to supply the qRIXS Spectrometer for NEH2.2 experimental facility at the LCLS-II in May 2020. The system has now completed its factory acceptance testing and installation will begin in early 2022.

KB Systems for PSI

September 2020 saw the completion of the installation work for the Maloja end station adaptable KB system at the Athos soft X-ray branch of SwissFEL. This followed on from the successful installation and commissioning of two KB systems for the Aramis hard x-ray beamlines in 2019. The Aramis systems have achieved their design goal of around a 1 µm focus. A further soft x-ray KB system for the Furka end station was installed in May 2021; a fifth system for the Cristallina will be delivered in November 2021.

EU XFEL big chamber

Furka KB system during installation in May2021


The Swiss Light Source (SLS) is going to be upgraded over the period of 2021 through 2025. The new machine SLS2.0 will be a multibend achromat design and will enhance the performance of all techniques used at the facility, providing 3 to 4 orders of magnitude improvement in some cases. Toyama has received orders for two KB systems (very similar to those for SwissFEL) for the TOMCAT beamline PXII and PXIII upgrades. These mirror systems will be delivered in 2022 and 2024.


The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 caused massive devastation to the Tohuku region of Japan. In order to recover from the earthquake, the Japanese government began an extensive development program in the region, including plans for a new synchrotron light facility - Synchrotron Light in Tohoku, Japan – to be known as SLiT-J. This new facility will be a low emittance 3 GeV synchrotron light source. A key objective of the synchrotron project is the development of SLIT-J - Super Lightsource for Industrial Technology, Japan. SLIT-J aims to promote strong interdisciplinary links between the needs of academic research and industrial research and development.

Toyama has been heavily involved in various aspects of the machine and end station design. Currently we are working on the design phase of contracts to deliver undulator chambers and complete front end assemblies for the storage ring.

New Beamlines for SPring-8

Other major current contracts include 3 complete beamlines for the SPring-8 facility. The three beamlines are:

HAXPES BL (BL09XU) – Hard X-ray Beamline for Nuclear Resonant Scattering

This is a project to upgrade almost all the optical components of the beamline except for DCM. The project includes a new channel cut DCM and a further double channel cut DCM.

The design work for the components is finished and is currently being reviewed by Spring-8.

BL20B2 – Hard X-ray Beamline for Medical and Imaging

This is a project to introduce three new multilayer mirror chambers to the existing beamline and reconstruct the other optical components excluding the DCM.

EU XFEL big chamber

BL20B2 new multilayer mirror systems

BL35XU – Hard X-ray Beamline for High-resolution Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS)

This is another optical component upgrade project for SPring-8.

EU XFEL big chamber

BL35XU2 new mirror system and other components

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