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The Toyama Monozukuri Center

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The Toyama Monozukuri Center, Toyama's new factory, opened on schedule on 10th April 2015. The new factory has a total floor area of 12,300 m2. This includes 1,900 m2 of machining and workshop areas, 2,400 m2 of assembly and test areas and 440 m2 of clean room space.

Aerial view of the Monozukuri Center

The Monozukuri Center viewed from the air

The site of the center is on a hill above the town of Yamakita in Kanagawa Prefecture. Looking out from the site there is a fine view of Mount Fuji in the distance to the west and to Sagami Bay to the south east. The factory location has been carefully chosen to provide excellent conditions for producing and testing state-of-the-art experimental apparatus. The hilltop location is far away from sources of environmental interference such as road vibrations.

This fantastic new facility is the result of several years of effort to design and build a center for manufacturing excellence. It represents Toyama's committment to the future and our desire to continue to be the best partner for research science and advanced engineering development.

Main entrance of the Monozukuri Center

Toyama Monozukuri Center with Mt Fuji behind


Monozukuri is a term which is used to describe Japanese manufacturing processes. It is difficult to translate into English, literally "mono" is the thing that is made and "zukuri" is the act of making. "Monozukuri" however has a deeper meaning beyond the literal which describes the craftsmanship involved in making objects with skill, artistry and continuous improvement. The focus is on the quality of the object that is being made rather than the skill of the person making it.

It might be defined as "The art, science and craft of making things".

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