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History of Toyama

Toyama’s history is strongly linked to the development of cutting-edge science in Japan.

Miranda Camera

Miranda camera

Founder Motomasa Endo established “The Endo factory” in 1954 with the aim of manufacturing experimental apparatus for physics and chemistry. The Endo factory also supported the development and prototype production of the single-lens reflex Miranda camera.

Mr Endo established “Toyama Seiki Ltd.” in 1956 to start the production of some types of vacuum components. This was the starting point of the modern-day Toyama.  In 1968, Toyama established “Toyama Co., Ltd.” and changed the organization’s focus. The new organization started out designing and manufactured a variety vacuum components for the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), the Proton-Synchrotron (KEK) and the Photon Factory (KEK).

Old Factory

The Old Factory

Toyama moved to its present location in Hibarigaoka, Zama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1986. This coincided with the development of the SPRing-8 facility, and Toyama invested in new plant and equipment to support their growing synchrotron business. A class 1000 clean room and a class 5000 clean room were installed in 1999, and further investments were made in optical metrology tools for measuring the performance of precision mechanisms. Continued investment in new design and manufacturing tools supports the growth of the business today.

Having built a strong reputation for innovation, performance and quality in Japan, Toyama took its first major steps into export markets in the year 2000. Our overseas project team is made up from experts in our technical sales and engineering departments, and Toyama is now achieving success in the worldwide synchrotron market.

Toyama’s instrumentation is held in high regard by many engineers and scientists. Toyama’s purpose is to continue to support research and development activities at the cutting-edge of science. It is our intention to be the “Best Partner for Scientists”.

Toyama has grown a lot in its 50+ years, but still remains a family firm with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. The founder’s son, Joe Endo, is now C.E.O. of the company.


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