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J-PARC Extraction Septum Magnets

Low Magnetic Field

Low magnetic field extraction magnet

Low Magnetic field extraction magnet

Low magnetic field Septum magnets contain a single core with a coil of either one or two turns. These are "centipede" shaped coils with copper plate of 1.5mm thickness. The dimension of each core is 200mm W x 1500mm L x 218mm H. The cores are water cooled

Cores are mounted into chambers of dimension 660mm diameter x 4000mm L. Large diameter flanges are sealed using helicoflexes.

Core with one turn coil

Core with one turn coil

Core with two turns coil

Core with two turns coil

Click here for an example of the manufacturing process for a Septum magnet.

PDF File Click here to open a poster of Toyama's components at the J-PARC facility

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